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Malia Thompson

Self Care In The Time Of Corona

Everyone’s relationship to self-care is different. Obviously for me it’s generally a mix of beauty and skincare activities. I love the immediacy of being able to watch the overwrought creature in the mirror transform into a more powerful version of herself. While showering and putting on a bra might have

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madewith clean skincare
Janis Leahy

Moving Forward in Our New Reality

The last few weeks have been nothing short of terrifying for a lot of us. As a mom, wife, daughter, and business owner, I’ve found myself struggling with many different aspects of how Coronavirus impacts me and my family. I have asthma and kidney disease, my son has asthma, my

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Team Post

What is Clean Skincare?

Authored by Janis Leahy & Malia Thompson The skincare industry is massive. So many brands. So many products. So many ingredients. SO many labels like CLEAN. GREEN. ORGANIC. PLANT-BASED. NATURAL. But what do any of these labels mean?  “GREEN” is a less regulated label which can sometimes encompass “PLANT-BASED” (created

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