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Malia Thompson

Self Care In The Time Of Corona

Everyone’s relationship to self-care is different. Obviously for me it’s generally a mix of beauty and skincare activities. I love the immediacy of being able to watch the overwrought creature in the mirror transform into a more powerful version of herself. While showering and putting on a bra might have

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madewith clean skincare
Janis Leahy

Moving Forward in Our New Reality

The last few weeks have been nothing short of terrifying for a lot of us. As a mom, wife, daughter, and business owner, I’ve found myself struggling with many different aspects of how Coronavirus impacts me and my family. I have asthma and kidney disease, my son has asthma, my

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Team Post

What is Clean?

Authored by Janis Leahy, Malia Thompson, and Lauren Penley The skincare industry is massive. So many brands. So many products. So many ingredients. SO many labels like CLEAN. GREEN. ORGANIC. PLANT-BASED. NATURAL. But what do any of these labels mean?  “GREEN” is a less regulated label which can sometimes encompass

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