Skincare Routine 102: The Right Order

Our last post in Skincare 102 is about tying all of the information from this series together with the knowledge we acquired in our SKINCARE 101 series. Now that you’ve taken the time to learn what each of the different steps is for, it’s time to understand the most effective order of applying.

And while we know not everyone will use a 5-6 step routine, it’s helpful for anyone to understand where different skincare steps live in the order of things. And for those who are ready to expand, or even curious, remember that repetition becomes routine.


Cleansers are meant to remove dirt, environmental debris, and excess oil on the skin. It’s important to choose a product that cleanses without stressing or drying skin out. The style of cleansing product that’s best for you is based on the skin concern you have as well as the type of cleanser preferred.

You can read more about cleansers here.


Toners and mists/sprays follow your cleansing step to prepare the skin to better absorb serums, oils, and moisturizers. They also usually make great alternatives to wipes for face refreshing throughout the day. They can also replace drying, alcohol-based setting sprays for makeup, or just generally refresh you anytime of day.

You can read more about toners here.


Oils and serums usually have the most active, potent ingredients and are likely to cause the most noticeable change in skin’s appearance. Keep an eye on any frequency instructions provided for you as these treatments are not always applied daily.

You can read more about Oils & Serums here.


Moisturizers act to soften skin, lock in the benefits of your treatment step, and create a barrier against moisture loss.

You can read more about Moisturizers here.


Eye treatments act almost the same way as moisturizers do. They soften skin, lock in the benefits of your treatment step, and create a barrier against moisture loss. They also have some added benefits specifically for the delicate skin around the eyes: diminishing darkness, depuffing, and lifting.

You can read more about Eye Treatments here.


Whatever number of skincare steps you take in the morning, SPF should be your last step (and if you wear makeup, apply before makeup). Sun protection is one of the most important steps to MADEWITH. If you do nothing else, protect your skin from the sunlight and electronic screen light (HEV). Protecting your skin from HEV is almost as important as fighting UV rays.

You can read more about Sun Protection here.

That wraps up our Skincare 102 series! Next we’ll move on to Skincare 103, where we aim to expand your education around other steps like masks and peels.

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