Sergio’s Transition to Clean

Skincare wasn’t something I paid much attention to before MADEWITH. I didn’t know what products to use or trust, I had no idea what my face even needed, but also, skincare was boring to me. 

However, like most people, I tried a few different products as a teenager in hopes of treating the occasional breakout. I remember getting excited over the idea of using a product that could clear pimples from my face in a few days. But then I’d hit the first hurdle: how do I even use this product? I had no confidence I was applying it correctly. I’d ask my mom who’s a doctor and practiced cosmetology, hoping she knew the right way to do things (and she wasn’t sure at times). Sometimes I would get bold and attempt to follow directions on the box, which left me even less confident I was applying correctly. And, of course, after several applications, I saw no results. I didn’t feel like my skin felt any better using products. Rather than consider why the products were not working, I went straight to convincing myself that skincare was another “bullsh*t” product that marketers put into our heads as something we need so they can make money.

So when my wife started working on MADEWITH, I was skeptical, but I was also a little torn because I admired how healthy her skin generally looks (outside of when she’s struggling with an eczema episode). Given my background in technology, there were plenty of areas of the company I did align with and appreciate; MADEWITH’s thorough approach of understanding different skin conditions of their clients, choosing inventory, testing inventory intensely and consistently, and ensuring their clients know how to properly use the products – it all seemed smart to me. However, I still couldn’t get past the lifelong distrust I had with skincare.

But she’s my wife, and I will support her, so when she asked me to be a MADEWITH skincare tester, I became a MADEWITH skincare tester. After getting my skin evaluated by a MADEWITH skin mentor, I received the first set of products to test. After a few days of using the products, and following the guidance they provided, I was shocked by the change I saw in my skin. Not only were the pores on my nose smaller and clear, the small bumps on my forehead were gone. Overall, my skin just felt healthy, and all from a company who cares about keeping people and the earth safe. Success! For the first time in my life, I understood why people like skincare. Even my mom values what MADEWITH is doing so much that she asked a mentor to give her a consultation.

At one point during the test period, I stopped using skincare for about a week. I kept doing my normal activities like working, surfing, and outdoor exercise. To my surprise, my skin issues came back: bumps on my forehead, a pimple or two, redness/irritation from sun exposure. Naturally, I decided to start my routine up again. It was worth the 5 minutes to do a few things before bed, and at a point, it’s become second nature.

Last, I’ve watched my wife struggle with eczema over the years. When stress picks up, I watch her skin change from clear, to bumpy, to red, then a full blown rash takes over a section of her body (and it’s clearly a bit painful for her). I watch her cover up in embarrassment when it gets bad. I think it’s why she approaches skincare the way she does. It’s not about guaranteeing success in looking younger and having perfect skin; it’s about properly nourishing your skin and keeping it balanced so you can look and feel your best. So now skin care has my full attention – not only in taking care of my skin, but getting behind a team of people who care deeply about helping everyone and the planet.

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