Lauren’s Transition to Clean

We all hear it, we see it, and many of us wonder – what IS clean skincare?  This term has been tossed around for decades, starting with the term “natural” using words like botanical and herbal. I remember using the shampoo “mane and tail” when I was in high school because I thought it was more natural because it was used for horses?! I mean really?

For many years, I was using products I thought were good for my skin. As a kid, I struggled with hormonal acne, and my first stop was the dermatologist. I used products that made my skin do somersaults in frustration.  Dryness, peeling, more breakouts (the theory of it gets worse before it gets better), you name it. I even took an antibiotic which boasted the side effect of clearing your skin (of course I didn’t take into consideration the negative side effects that were wreaking havoc in my body). I had great intentions, but ultimately I was confused by all the labels and ingredients; I was very misled. I even worked at a cosmetics counter in college that claimed to be the right “prescription” for your face. In a world where prescription drugs have inundated and consumed many people’s daily routines, it’s clear we are long overdue for a thought shift. 

The fact that I cared about my products being “natural and healthy” didn’t ultimately help me find it. I wasn’t educated. I truly believe the human population wasn’t (and still isn’t) being educated.  The ingredient list on products alone are enough to make your eyes cross! Unless you are willing to dissect every word because yes – so many Never MADEWITH list ingredients do have like two or three different names {Insert desperate cries of frustration and bitterness here}. It wasn’t until high school that I really tried to take matters into my own hands. I was lucky to have teachers and parents that I looked to for advice and knowledge. The turning point for me was watching a documentary called “Diet for a New America”  by John Robbins where I could see what happens to my body when I put a cheeseburger in it. My world was changed. This documentary sent me into a spiral of healthy choices and further learning. Don’t get me wrong, I was still a young human with a strong desire to be rebellious and have fun. The difference now was that I had the knowledge and was equipped to make informed choices. This revelation started to bleed into other areas of my life like health, fitness, and, of course, skincare. I don’t claim to be an expert by any stretch (yet), but I am aware. 

What we choose to put in/on our body, has a direct impact on how our body reacts.  It’s time to be liberated from all of the labels boasting to be good for you. It’s time to know! I am beyond excited that what started as a passion in my youth is coming full circle to today. MADEWITH has opened my eyes to what clean skincare really is. No more confusion over whether or not a product is safe to use, and as a busy mom who wants to take proper care of my skin, but can’t always prioritize the research needed to really understand a product’s ingredients, it’s comforting to have the team and data at MADEWITH to help me make well-informed choices.

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